Stan LOVES producing Live Wedding Caricatures - from Devon and beyond!

The testimonials speak for themselves. His charismatic persona and finely honed artistic and entertainment skills are the direct result of extensive art training and an eclectic mix of life experiences spanning both hemispheres.

Funny but never cruel, Stan’s quick-fire wit and surgical attention to facial characteristics, makes for a high-octane entertainment experience that will leave you and your guests wanting more. Stan is a caricature artist based in Devon, but he covers the whole of the south west including Somerset and Cornwall and further afield.

NOTE:- Each drawing comes complete with it’s own clear plastic protective sleeve.


Wedding Carricature







Stan provides personalised drawing paper for clients as shown above


Ask about his unique Signing Board option, see example below:


Stanley Toons - Signing Board

Stanley Toons - Signing Board

Stanley Toons - Signing Board


Stan also offers the option of one-off Best Man/Bridesmaids ‘Thank you’ gift cartoon portrait ideas as shown below:


 Wedding Caricatures Devon




As a professional operator, Stan has heard them all; ‘characterture’, ‘carockature’, ‘carracatureist’, and so on.


To remedy this situation for anyone who is unsure, Stan has included the briefest of brief explanations of the word and its origins below…so now you know!


The word, ‘CARICATURE’ comes from the Italian word, ‘caricare’, which means, “to load or exaggerate”.


Evidence of the earliest examples of the artform was discovered amongst the ruins of Pompeii (79AD) and the word itself, has been used in English since the 1680s.


Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci himself was an accomplished caricaturist, as was the French Impressionist painter, Claude Monet (better known for his water lily paintings)


A Pompeian Caricature, 79AD


An example of a da Vinci ‘Grotesque’


A Claude Monet Caricature


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